Duel with the Devil

In the first of our series on "The Jesus I Never Knew", Tom Eng discusses the Temptation of Jesus in the desert.

Questions for Discussion

- How do we experience temptation in our world? (At your job, With the media, With your family, In your leisure time)

- What was the true nature of Jesus' temptation in the desert?

- In what ways do we face the same temptations Jesus did?

- What do Jesus' responses to Satan tell us about how we are to respond to temptation?

- Do you ever wish Jesus would "hurry up" his work in your life - for example, in your job, dating relationships, friendships, marriage, raising your children, volunteer work, success in your church? What makes you spiritually impatient? What do you do with the impatience? Are you tempted to compromise Jesus' way to achieve what you want?