Happy 98th Anniversary!

On Sunday, we celebrated 98 years of being Toronto Chinese Presbyterian Church - wow! Plans are already underway for our centennial celebration in 2010. Stay tuned for all the details!

We celebrated with a combined service held in English and Cantonese. Pastor Tom Eng reminded us why the church exists. I found it particularly relevant as sometimes we can get so caught up in church activities and just life in general that it is easy to forget what our purpose is as a church.

Here's a quick summary:

the church is called to...

  1. Celebrate God's presence - WORSHIP

  2. Communicate God's grace -EVANGELISM

  3. Incorporate God's family - FELLOWSHIP

  4. Educate God's people - DISCIPLESHIP

  5. Demonstrate God's love - MINISTRY

Pastor Tom also reminded us that God wants us to give our best to others. He has given us all gifts so that we can use them to help the church fulfill it's calling.

What are your particular gifts? Which of the five purposes above are you most passionate about? Speak with Pastor Tom or any church leader to see how you can get involved. See you at the centennial celebration!