Feel the Love

It was CPC's first ever Volunteer Party dedicated to honouring and recognizing our wonderful volunteers. Despite the snow-filled roads, we had close to 70 attendees out of the 90+ who originally RSVP'd.

It was a fun night filled with lots of food, fellowship, door prizes and Wii competitions (yes, we bond the best over video games!)

Pastor Tom Eng gave a short message to remind us how the local church is the hope of the world and as volunteers, we are proud to be part of the world's largest organization.

Kevin & Shirley Leung also shared about the new Volunteer Ministry at CPC - its goal is to help support the other CPC ministries with their volunteer needs.

We ended off the night by raffling off some great door prizes ranging from LED puck lights to Starbucks gift cards to a large turkey platter and gravy set won by yours truly.

Then came the Wii competition of Mario Party and Kevin Leung was declared the ultimate Wii champion for the night, taking home a "Popcorn and a Movie for Two" gift certificate.

It was on to delicious desserts and then the trek home through the snow. Everyone also got to take home a handmade Thank You card signed by the English Service Committee & Pastor Tom:

 Thanks so much to the organizers of the party and to all our hardworking volunteers. They really help make CPC the wonderful community that it is today.

If you are interested in volunteering or finding our more about the many ministries that we offer, click on the Get Involved link at the top of this page.