Go Crusaders!

CPC Crusaders

Our softball team, Crusaders, began their season with the Chinese Christian Softball Association (CCSA) this year with a bang! They won both their first two games in a double header on Sunday.

We hope that you'll come out and cheer them on this summer! It's a great opportunity to encourage community, teamwork and fellowship in the church.

Their games have been added to our church calendar under Gathering > Upcoming Events. They are also listed below along with photos from their first games (courtesy of Dean Bush & Dickie Lee).

Go Crusaders!

Upcoming Games

Saturday, May 31, 2pm - Knights vs. Crusaders, Warden Park

Sunday, June 8, 6pm - Crusaders vs. Ambassadors, Warden Park

Saturday, June 14, 4pm - Crusaders vs. Disciples, Wigmore Park

Saturday, June 14, 6pm - Apostles vs. Crusaders, Wigmore Park

Saturday, June 21, 2pm - Crusaders vs. Aliens, Warden Park

Sunday, June 29, 4pm - Sword of the Spirit vs. Crusaders, Warden Park

Saturday, August 2, 2pm - Crusaders vs. Revive, Warden Park

Saturday, August 2, 4pm - SOCS vs. Crusaders, Warden Park

Crusaders on the Bench

Crusaders\' Loyal Fans

End of their first game

Derrick Pitching

Paul Pointing