Summer Retreat at Sherkston Shores

CPC Summer Retreat

In August, many CPCers went up to Sherkston Shores for what is now becoming our annual Summer Retreat!

The retreat's purpose is to allow CPC members and friends to escape the grind of life and enjoy time together in fellowship and alone with God.  So, there is lots of free time to enjoy the facilities and outdoor activities.

Here were some lessons that were learned that weekend:
"I learned about the importance of flexibility.  We often need to be willing to change our plans when God does not do what we expect.  It rained on our Sunday worship service (we held it outdoors).  But we were able to worship in spite of the rain, and it quickly cleared." ~Pastor Tom Eng

"No matter how busy your week is, finding the time to spend with God is priceless and he will give you peace in your heart to continue on." ~Dickie Lee

And some favourite memories:
"My most memorable moments include walking along the entire length of the Sherkston Shores beach (about 3 miles) enjoying God's creation and talking to Him." ~Pastor Tom Eng

"My favourite memory is alwaysmaking new friends and fellowship with other Christians." ~Dickie Lee

We hope that you will join us next year!

See below for some photos from the Retreat! (Photos courtesy of Dickie Lee)Sherkston Shores1

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