Haiti Relief Efforts

The terrible tragedy in Haiti has prompted the world to respond, and the church is no exception. Through the work of the Presbyterian World Service & Development agency, the Presbyterian Church in Canada is helping those who are in need in Haiti.

From the PWS&D website:

PWS&D is committing to long-term efforts to help victims of Haiti’s earthquake. While PWS&D is currently working through the Action by Churches Together Alliance to bring emergency food, shelter, water and hygiene kits to those in need, PWS&D is determined to stay with the people of Haiti to ensure they can rebuild homes, restore livelihoods, get children back in school and find the support they need to overcome from this disaster.
“In addition to immediate needs, we are starting to look at the long-term needs so we can help people truly recover and rebuild their lives,” says Ken Kim, PWS&D director. “For this reason, we are committing to long-term development work in Haiti.”
Long-term efforts will focus on enhancing the living conditions of the most vulnerable people impacted by the earthquake. Distribution of food and supplies will continue along with working with communities to restore agriculture production, rebuild homes, create cash-for-work projects, get children back into schools and provide psychosocial support.

You can help! Give directly to the fund online here: http://www.presbyterian.ca/pwsd/appeals/haiti

You can also include a donation to the PWS&D Haiti relief fund directly in your regular offering envelope. We have already raised nearly $1700 thanks to your donations.

Thank you for your continued generosity!

UPDATE: We have now raised over $5000 for Haiti relief. Thanks for your generous giving! (2010-02-07)