Announcing a new course with Rick Tobias

From Compassion to Inclusion: Calling our Church to meaningful engagement with the poor and other excluded Peoples.
Mr. Rick Tobias, Community Advocate for Yonge Street Mission, will be teaching us on the following Sundays in 2014 starting at 1:15 PM:
Jan. 5
Grace, Gratitude and Generosity; Foundational Values for Ministry. 
Jan. 12
Love Redefined and Refocused; Lets stop shooting ourselves in the Foot. 
Jan. 19
From Moses to James; from Compassion to Inclusion.
Feb. 2
Towards a Biblical Perspective on Poverty; It's not what you think.
Feb. 9
From Scripture to 21 Century Ministry Models. Everything really, really old could just be new again. 
Feb. 16
Whose Ministry is it Anyway; What if we actually succeed?
Plan to join us for these six exciting classes together. Pray for God to prepare our hearts to learn from Rick. Invite your friends to come and join us.
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Vision Focus Group Meetings

As our church approaches its 100th year, we are giving each of you a chance to participate in seeking God's vision for our church. To that end, a series of focus group meetings will be held where you can be a part of shaping the future of our church.

To prepare for the meetings, and to find out where and when a focus group is happening, we are making available the discussion guidelines and schedule for download.

Download Link:
CPC Vision Focus Group discussion guide

If you are unable to attend the meetings, or if you would prefer to participate online, we will be starting a series of "Vision Posts" over the next few weeks, where you will be able to give your thoughts and participate in an online discussion.

Volunteer Sunday

A few weeks ago we held a Volunteer Sunday event to focus on the many opportunities at CPC to serve God with the gifts and abilities that He gave us.

It was fun to see all the ministry leaders setting up their booths in the morning and comparing displays!

If you are interested in volunteering at CPC, here is a list of ministries that need your help. And we also have some immediate opportunities available. You can also just click on the Get Involved tab at the top of this site for more information.

Thanks for serving with us!

Happy 98th Anniversary!

On Sunday, we celebrated 98 years of being Toronto Chinese Presbyterian Church - wow! Plans are already underway for our centennial celebration in 2010. Stay tuned for all the details!

We celebrated with a combined service held in English and Cantonese. Pastor Tom Eng reminded us why the church exists. I found it particularly relevant as sometimes we can get so caught up in church activities and just life in general that it is easy to forget what our purpose is as a church.

Here's a quick summary:

the church is called to...

  1. Celebrate God's presence - WORSHIP

  2. Communicate God's grace -EVANGELISM

  3. Incorporate God's family - FELLOWSHIP

  4. Educate God's people - DISCIPLESHIP

  5. Demonstrate God's love - MINISTRY

Pastor Tom also reminded us that God wants us to give our best to others. He has given us all gifts so that we can use them to help the church fulfill it's calling.

What are your particular gifts? Which of the five purposes above are you most passionate about? Speak with Pastor Tom or any church leader to see how you can get involved. See you at the centennial celebration!