Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM

In the Gym on the lower level

Entrance on Baldwin Street

For info contact (416) 977-5625




You're Invited to watch World Cup soccer with us!


Annual Church Picnic


Toronto Marathon road closures

Please be advised that the Toronto Marathon is running this Sunday. Plan your route accordingly.


Easter Services

On April 20th come celebrate Easter with us! We have two services to choose from:

7:45AM Sunrise Service

Held outdoors on the south east steps of the Liberty Grand building on the CNE grounds, this informal service features a view of the water and great atmosphere as we celebrate Easter with the dawning of a new day. Tony Lai is our speaker.

Weather Update: Sunday morning forecast calls for 4˚C weather, so please dress warmly and bring something hot to drink!

11:00AM Main Service

Held in the gym at 177 Beverley St. this dynamic service is for the whole family. With contemporary music, relevant message, and a relaxed environment, worshipping at CPC English service is a great way to celebrate Easter Sunday. Pastor Tom Eng is our speaker.


Lent: An Invitation

The season of Lent is a time for us to reflect on our spiritual journey, and a chance to practice the spiritual discipline of fasting. Just as Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days, Lent affords us that same opportunity to give up something in order that we might rely on God more.

Something that's more traditional to give up for Lent is food, whether it be sweets or chocolate, or coffee. The point is to choose something that won't be too easy for you, otherwise there's no real challenge, is there? If you're choosing a food related item, make it something that you'll notice each time.

Another suggestion might be a negative behaviour that you want to give up. Maybe now would be a good time to give up smoking, or maybe swearing is a problem for you. Perhaps you could refrain from using your smartphone at mealtime. All of these would be great candidates to give up for Lent, and even beyond!

Finally, another suggestion would be to consider giving up some form of leisure or entertainment activities. Video games, watching TV, checking social media, Facebook, Youtube... any one of these could be given up during the season of Lent. Ironically, you're reading this online right now, but it's still worthwhile to consider giving it up.

Whatever you decide, remember: we are not trying to punish ourselves, nor do we want to become legalistic about it

Simply use the fast as a way to help you to live a more disciplined life, and to help us focus our attention more on God.